My Bed And Breakfast Is Doing Great since I use mywvvacation

I recommend West Virginia Vacation Rentals to anyone who owns property, hotels, motels, vacation homes, or even bed and breakfast like the one I do. Any property that you won and want to rent to vacationers, travelers or even business people, will always have someone inquiring or staying over guaranteed. I have never been as happy and busy before I started using mywvvacation and you will always be busy making money too, and the competitive pricing options are great too. No complaints from my side that is for sure!

Karin Veit, beautician at

Best Exposure along with my other rental websites

What I like about is the fact that you do not pay if you do not get leads through their website. I still keep my properties in West Virginia listed alongside this website as I believe in maximum exposure, but I have to admit that most of my lead and bookings in the last two years have been from this website. They are the best-priced option as well and if you are a property owner looking for constant bookings, I suggest you try them as they have great advertising and marketing resources that they fully utilize to your advantage.

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Since I am With Them, I have More Bookings

I was in the process of getting rid of my vacation rental recently after I advertised my rental properties on several websites and papers across the states for vacation accommodation in West Virginia. Since someone recommended that I give West Virginia vacation rental a shot, I have not looked back. I have not had my place stand empty for longer than three days in the last nine months and I can sincerely recommend them!

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We got great exposure with renters always inquiring and booking our vacation homes!

We are very impressed with West Virginia Vacation Rentals as they are the top place in the state to advertise rentals. We listed our three vacation rentals on several websites and have to admit that they only place where we continuously get renters from is from wvvactions. We do not have to pay exorbitant fees and only pay for results unlike most places where you pay to be listed.

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Recommended Letting and Advertorial Vacation Agents

When Casino asked me to write their advertorial page for property rental on mywvvaction property website I did not even know what they were about. After further investigation, I noticed that this was a top destination for property owners to advertise their vacation rentals. With our company owning vacation property in West Virginia, I was surprised at how quick we got inquiries and how popular this website is. Indeed a great place to advertise property and always getting good renters.

Zeliha Ă–zdemir, Content Writer at CasinoUzmani